Using a wiki as part of our classroom instruction and collaboration is a priviledge and one that should not be abused. In order to be able use this resource to its full potential and enjoyment, there are a few expectations and guidelines that should be followed while working:

Keep safe: Never post your personal information or information about someone else -- this includes keeping ages, addresses, phone numbers, etc. private.

Be Truthful and Honest: Make sure that anything you add is accurate and true. The benefit of using a wiki is being able to read the things that are on there and gather or share information. No one wants to get incorrect or false information.

Be Respectful: When working with and collaborating with others on our wiki pages, make sure that you are respectful of others pages and do not delete or edit any pages other than your own or a collaborative page. We need to able to trust each other when working on such a group effort.

Be Supportive: Since all of you are writers on the wiki, you have the ability to leave comments on other users pages. Comments should be meaningful and thoughtful to the page owner. Be respectful of people's work and leave appropriate comments on a person's page of work or even suggestions/questions.
Leaving comments such as "hi", "sup", "heeeeellllllooooo" or anything similar are not thoughtful comments and will be deleted. The comment boxes are NOT chat rooms -- so please don't treat them as such.