Welcome to our student blog! We hope you think this is the best school blog you have ever seen! If you don't think this page is the best school page ever, then you are wrong! The name of our blog is Mr. Lane's Computer Applications/Web 2.0 Wiki. Everyone in our class has their very own wiki/blog. Everyone in the wiki is,Aldous, Alex, Ani, Ashlynn, Austin, Colin, Chase, Cua, Dominic, Elijah, Ismael, Jason, Jelani, Jocelyn, Justin, Kaila, Katie, Lydia, Marc, Mr. Lane, Nicole, Nosphaer, Olivia, Peter, Pouia, Robert, Steven, Sydney, Tessa, Vance, and Zach. You can add music, message, and comment just like every other blog, you can add really interesting stuff on this blog such as games, and music videos. It is very fun and we all get to express ourselves in our own unique ways. We would have podcasts (vidoes) coming on a basis with many items and interviews. Things like music, movies, and even beats from Jelani, Steven and Peter will be put up as podcasts.We will add more stuff to it just laeve your comment on the comment part of the page and we will look at it and add it.So I hope that you have a good time looking at our blog and maybe making your own if you'd like. Have fun people. It is an interesting thing to do.This is the best student blog ever, and we hope you like it.